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Compiled by Steve Ball

Steve on double bass On double bass at the Crown On electric bass Steve
Hi, Welcome to Bass Station
This part of the site is dedicated to providing bass cover for all situations from one off gigs to short tours & studio work.
From time to time everyone needs a break or can’t make it for some reason and some bands just get “dropped in it”
(Sound familiar!?)
Whatever the reason read on and maybe I can help.

Having been a bass player for longer than I want to admit, Over the years I have managed to play my way through most styles including Brit Pop, New Wave, RnB, Jive, Swing, RnR, Functions and some pretty freaky stuff too. From Newport to Newcastle, Great Yarmouth to North Wales as well as some of central Europe as both band leader and side man.

Available for one off gigs & short tours I am easy going and often able to “wing it” if need be! I can meet any dress code from “just out of bed” to the full “James Bond”. During my playing career I have acquired a reputation for reliability, dedication and overall professionalism.

Bass Guitar
Wal Custom 4 String
Ray Cooper custom 5 String
P.Bass Fretless
Double Bass
Early 70’s German ¾ size with underwood pickup
Late 50’s Romanian flat back ¾

Peavey T Max 500w Head

Peavey; 4 x 10, 2 x 10 & 1 x 15
Any combination to suit the venue


Joking Aside
Having been a band leader I know just how stressful these situations can be when you need to fill the bass place at short notice. I have been taking on this type of work for a number of years from high profile engagements to local pub gigs and made some good friends who now consider me their first call when they need help. Even if I can’t do it I might know of someone who can!

So, if you want to send a message via the contact page, we can talk about the type of cover you need and maybe De-stress the situation

Thanks for visiting the site and “have a good one”