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Compiled by Steve Ball

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Bass Station is now offering the opportunity to take up the
Bass Guitar / Double Bass , Guitar and Ukelele

I am a professional musician with years of live and studio experience as a bass player in the fields of rock, jive, R n B, indi, pop and R n R

This tuition can also include Technique, Some Theory, Song Writing and for the bolder student, Stage Presence. Lessons can be arranged for either day or evening time

Whatever your reasons for starting be it mega stardom or Self-satisfaction, Bass Station can help you become the best that you can be.

If you are interested or you know of someone who is please contact Steve on 07719 373 137 for more details.

“Time wasted wishing you could play is better spent
Discovering how well you can play”

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The foundation of performing arts is positive thinking, and as live and evolving art forms it is this foundation that inspires creativity, self-expression and personal development.
Without this positive thinking there is no foundation to build on, leaving no satisfaction or achievement for either the student or the tutor. It is also one of the most un-reliable, in-secure, frustrating, confusing and rewarding occupations you can go into!

These workshops have been created and developed to enhance and enrich the music skills of students in years 7 to 10 and to give a little more focus to small groups that class teaching is unable to cater for. I have found that Positive participation in these workshops often improves social, communication & concentration skills and reflects favourably in other subjects for the less academically minded student.

I have run these workshops both as an extension of the music curriculum and also as after school clubs

Example workshops

Contemporary Ensemble Workshop
Is the next step for students taking individual instrumental lessons to develop their playing & timing skills to enable them to play in a band situation or single instrument ensembles.
Topics Covered
Time Keeping / Listening whilst Playing / Direction / Creating a Dynamic Set List

Contemporary Song Writing Workshop
For music students wishing to express themselves further through original music making.
Topics Covered
Constructing Lyrics / Chord progressions / Structure & Dynamics.

Gifted & Talented Workshop
Primarily for students who show promise in music but also for students whose grasp of music may come later then others. This also includes G.C.S.E. / B-tech / Diploma students who may be struggling to meet targets.

Guitar maintenance Workshop
Half & Full day workshop on how to keep your instrument in good working order,
Topics Covered
Re-Stringing through to basic fault finding & instrument set up.

Self Esteem Workshop
Uses music to help raise confidence and communication skills in students and encourage a positive “can do” attitude.

*Participation in the above workshops often leads to students taking part in live performance demonstrating their new found skills.